Dead to Me - Season 2 Episode 8


Episode 8 : It Had To Be You.
Jen Feels Conflicted Over A Real Estate Deal. The Damage From Charlie's Joyride Piles Up. Judy Reaches Out To Michelle And Runs Into Detective Perez..
Jen Is A Recently Widowed Real Estate Agent Trying To Come To Terms With Her Loss Through Therapy, Exercise, And Other Methods. This Is How She Meets Judy, Who Is A Part Of A Therapy Group Composed Of Bereft Spouses. Jen Is Mourning Her Husband, Who Was Killed In A Hit-and-run Accident While Judy Grieves For Her Fiancé, Who Died Of A Heart Attack. The Two Characters Face Their Loss Differently As Jen Finds Herself In A Dark Place, Struggling With Her Grief While Judy Maintains A Positive Disposition. This Difference Quickly Leads To A Deep Bond Between The Two. However, Judy Keeps A Dark Secret That Causes A Disturbing Plot Twist. She Was Involved In The Death Of Her Friend's Husband. Jen Becomes More Unhinged As She Unravels The Mystery Of Her Husband's Death And Secret Life.

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Year : (2020)

Langue : English Release English

Section : Tvshow

Quality :  HDTV

Season : 2

Episode : 8

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